Why do you need followers to be a great artist on Instagram?

Hello, everybody!

I am here with another post. Today, I will talk about why you need followers to be a great artist. Before starting my blog post, I want you to know that I am a self-taught artist too. I have been drawing for 5 years and I have realised that drawing something very good is not enough to be a great artist on Instagram. You see the drawings by the same artists on Instagram, right? Why is it like this?

It is about Instagram algorythms. It shows the posts which have most likes and comments on ‘explore’ all the time. When you share something on your wall, If your post doesn’t get most likes and comments, Instagram doesn’t show your post on ”explore”. If your post gets likes and comments, It says that it means he is popular and people like it and make comments and more people like it too. Then, it puts your post on ‘explore’. This is the reason why you see the same artists on your ‘explore’. It is about numbers. Numbers of likes and comments…

You don’t have to draw very good to reach too many followers on Instagram. Because here is a sharing platform. Not only art sharing but also sharing something else. That’s why you shouldn’t think about the fact that I am not a great artist, I can’t draw very good. No! You draw very good but your only need is to reach more people.

To reach more people and to show your artworks to more people, there are many ways. For example, you can use Instagram advertisement. When you pay money to Instagram, they promote and show your artworks to many people. It is about how much you pay. the second way is to make your promotion to the artsharing pages. The admins share a lot of artworks in the pages on Instagram and reach a lot of people. They do this with small prices. I am not talking about all pages but some of them are yes. You can visit @creative_artsharing for this aim. They are really cheap and do their job very well.

Alright, everybody! For today, I think it is enough. I will write another post if I have any information about this issue. Thanks for reading!

My art journey as an artist

Hello, everybody! Welcome to my art journey!

My name is Mustafa Yıldız. I am an English language teacher and a self-taught artist from Turkey. In this post, I will talk about my art journey until now.

I am from Turkey. Turkey has lots of beauties but also there is a problem with this issue. Despite of having a lot of beauties, Turkish people don’t show it on a paper. I am talking about art. We love art so much but when it comes to drawing, we say that we can’t draw even a stickman. I was one of those people. I had not liked anything about art until I saw a video in May, 2015 on Instagram.

I watched a video which shows how to draw a portrait and said to myself that I could draw it too. I took a pencil and paper and started to draw a simple cute kitten. I lost its photo but it was so so so so simple. Then, I said I could draw a portrait. Johnny Depp, my favourite actor… I drew his portrait but there was a problem with it. The person on the paper was not like him. I was little bit sad. Where did I make a mistake? Then, I said to myself that I would learn it. I started to investigate on how to draw but I couldn’t find anything helpful and fruitful for me. 
Then, I watched some artists’ short videos. I got some tips from them. Everything in my life was art anymore. I drew the portraits everyday. I finished a portrait in 2 hours but I was not satisfied with them. I started to work on the drawings more. I finished a portrait in 6 hours anymore. I understood the secret.

By the way, I got my Instagram account “yldzmstf96art”. In the beginning, I didn’t have so many followers and that was so boring for me. When I shared a drawing, a few people liked it. I was sending messages to the grand Instagram pages to increase my followers but nobody hear my voice. But who am I? I am Mustafa. I did my best to improve my skills. I did better and better. Some small pages started to share my drawings. My page growed slowly. I used “follow to follow” to grow my page. There were 10.6 K followers in my page when I deleted them. Don’t ask me why I deleted my followers. Maybe I talk about it in another post.

I have talked about what I have done about art until now. I will write a post about why I begin a blog. There are some of my drawings about my art journey below. I hope it will be an inspiration for you. Don’t forget that art is happiness. Have a good day! 😊😊