My art journey as an artist

Hello, everybody! Welcome to my art journey!

My name is Mustafa Yıldız. I am an English language teacher and a self-taught artist from Turkey. In this post, I will talk about my art journey until now.

I am from Turkey. Turkey has lots of beauties but also there is a problem with this issue. Despite of having a lot of beauties, Turkish people don’t show it on a paper. I am talking about art. We love art so much but when it comes to drawing, we say that we can’t draw even a stickman. I was one of those people. I had not liked anything about art until I saw a video in May, 2015 on Instagram.

I watched a video which shows how to draw a portrait and said to myself that I could draw it too. I took a pencil and paper and started to draw a simple cute kitten. I lost its photo but it was so so so so simple. Then, I said I could draw a portrait. Johnny Depp, my favourite actor… I drew his portrait but there was a problem with it. The person on the paper was not like him. I was little bit sad. Where did I make a mistake? Then, I said to myself that I would learn it. I started to investigate on how to draw but I couldn’t find anything helpful and fruitful for me. 
Then, I watched some artists’ short videos. I got some tips from them. Everything in my life was art anymore. I drew the portraits everyday. I finished a portrait in 2 hours but I was not satisfied with them. I started to work on the drawings more. I finished a portrait in 6 hours anymore. I understood the secret.

By the way, I got my Instagram account “yldzmstf96art”. In the beginning, I didn’t have so many followers and that was so boring for me. When I shared a drawing, a few people liked it. I was sending messages to the grand Instagram pages to increase my followers but nobody hear my voice. But who am I? I am Mustafa. I did my best to improve my skills. I did better and better. Some small pages started to share my drawings. My page growed slowly. I used “follow to follow” to grow my page. There were 10.6 K followers in my page when I deleted them. Don’t ask me why I deleted my followers. Maybe I talk about it in another post.

I have talked about what I have done about art until now. I will write a post about why I begin a blog. There are some of my drawings about my art journey below. I hope it will be an inspiration for you. Don’t forget that art is happiness. Have a good day! 😊😊